• YS123&YS125
  • YS123&YS125
  • YS123&YS125
  • YS123&YS125
  • YS123&YS125
  • YS123&YS125
  • YS123&YS125
  • YS123&YS125

Smart Curtain - 1 Layer

Product Code: YS123&YS125

Switch Socket for Smart Curtain
Curtain track type

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Add Distinction to Your Living Space and Experience Convenience with Smart Curtain Kit

Life In Motion

Silent Design

Silent Design

Noise reduction design to ensure that the operating noise is below 40db.
Elegant Operation

Elegant Operation

Light open and light close function make the curtain movement smooth and elegant.
Memorlized Limit

Memorized Limit

No manual setting is required. The motor will automatically adjust the error to ensure that the track route is accurate.
Obstuction Detection

Obstruction Detection

You can pull the opening or closing curtain to stop it immediately.
Light Touch

Light Touch – Start

When pulling the curtain into one direction, the curtain will automatically run until totally open or close.
Manual Override

Manual Override

No matter energized or not. You can always open and close the curtain with traditional manual way.

Mid-limit function

Depending on the need of daylighting. A stop point can be setted to auto stop the curtain at certain point.
Long Lifetime

5-Year Motor Warranty

Special high strength motor, the system is tested by 15000 times without distortion. Our 5-Year warranty prove our confidence.
Curtain with switch
Smart Curtain App

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With the free Yoswit app, you can control your smart devices with a simple tap, and automate your home to respond to your unique preferences.

You can easily customize Yoswit to operate in new and different ways by using the App. Just set scenes for what you’d like your smart devices to do when you’re asleep, awake, gone, or back home, and Yoswit will do the rest.

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Intelligent Home Experience

Remote Control

Remote Control

Direct remote control lightings and appliances from your smartphone, no hub or router is needed.


Schedule Timers

Provide multiple recurring timers to automate your home, these timers are saved in Yoswit.

Scene Mode

Rooms and Scenes

Set a room to control all devices together or set a scene to push the preset mode with a simple click.

Away Detection

Away Detection

Sense your arrival and leaving and automate managing lightings, curtains, locks, and appliances.

Outside Home Remote Control

Mob-Mob Hub

A patented solution to connect your smart home wherever you are, even without wifi connection.

Password Protection

Password Protection

Set a password to prevent unpermitted control, simplify the setup with profile sharing.

Product Name Yoswit Curtain Motor
Model YO1007CU
Manufacturer Designed by Yoswit in Hong Kong. Assembled in China.
Motor Technical Data
Safety Curtain Weight (kg) 75 (230V) / 75 (120V)
Rated Power 121 (230V) / 107 (120V)
Open/Close Speed (cm/sec) 20 (230V) / 24 (120V)
Rated Current (A) 0.27 (230V) / 24 (120V)
Running Time 4 (230V) / 4 (120V)
Degree of Protection (IP) 20 (230V) / 20 (120V)
Maximum Turns (Turns) No limit
Track Length (m) ≤12 (230V) / ≤12 (120V)
Weight (kg) 1.10 (230V) / 1.10 (120V)
Product Certificate CE, RoHS
Surface Materials V0 flame-resistant PC+ABS
Storage Conditions -20°C to 70°C
Operating Environment Indoors
Operating Temperature Range -10°C to 50°C
Operating Humidity Range 0-90% relative humidity, non-condensing
Input Voltage AC100-240V
Frequency 50/60Hz auto detected at power-up
Resistive Load Current Max 20A
Standby Power <0.3 watt
Wiring Options Wiring details available on the Installation page
Product Compatibility Bluetooth Smart Ready Products
Frequency 2.4GHz
Radio Transmission Power 0~4 dBm
Bluetooth Range Open area: >50m
Bluetooth Version Bluetooth 4.0

Full Demo Video



Disconnect Power

To prevent severe shock or electrocution, always disconnect the power at the service panel before installation. Only licensed electricians should carry out the installation.

Basic Installation


Search for a proper position to install the curtain track.


Always install the curtain track horizontally on a flat surface.


Check the position of curtain brackets. The most appropriate distance for brackets is 2 pieces for every 1m track. Afterwards, add 1 piece for another 1m.


Length of curtain track should exceed the width of your window by 20-30 cm on each side, while distance between curtain brackets should not be greater than 50 cm.


Assemble the curtain brackets to the curtain track with screws. Mount the curtain track with curtain brackets to a flat ceiling.


The bearing capacity of the sum of screws must be at least 300kg.



Assemble the curtain motor by inserting it to the curtain track. Turn the curtain motor anti-clockwise. The motor will be locked in a fixed position automatically.



Disconnect the power supply of your switch. If you are installing Yoswit curtain switch, please refer to the user manual of Yoswit curtain/roller switch.


To prevent severe shock or electrocution, always disconnect the power at the service panel before installation. Only licensed electricians should carry out the installation.


Connect the live, neutral and ground wires of motor to your switch.


To reduce risk of electrical shock, unit shall be properly grounded in accordance with local regulations or codes. Failure to connect the ground wire will result in an unsafe installation that could lead to personal injury.

Circuit Installation A


Circuit Installation B



Turn on the circuit breaker and connect to the power.


Test the motorized curtain by tapping your switch for several times.


Automatic limit setting


Limit cancellation


Installation complete.

Download the Yoswit App to your smart device and enjoy it now!

Yoswit will automatically detect the switch and add to your device list.

Certification EMC
User Manual Motor 55 curtain 86 curtain 118 curtain 120 curtain
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