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France, Germany

Inductive loads are motor loads (horsepower loads), and magnetic (coils, electromagnetic) loads. Resistive loads are non-motor loads that have a resistance, like incandescent lighting, or heating loads.

Electrical wirings are best done by a professional electrician so it is highly recommended to consult one. 

The Switch have a dimmer and compatible with a three-way multi-location control switches. You can choose them on the product pages.

The Wall Switch support no neutral wire conditions. So don't get worry about it.

The above situations occur due to the low loading of lighting or non-support bulb type. You may:

  • place an resistor at two sides of any one bulb, or
  • replace any one bulb of any one gang either into tungsten lamp or compact fluorescent lamp in series, or
  • adopt Live & Neutral Wiring method

You may re-connect the product and Bluetooth by one click on"Restart" button.

You may reset it by press and hold the "Reset" button for 5 seconds. Then reset a new password via YOSWIT App.

The main situations which may cause Remote Access failure is your device are out of the Bluetooth signal range.

When firmware updates are available, an alert will be displayed on the App to update the device to the latest firmware.

Yes. Bluetooth connection issues will not affect rules that are stored on the app.  It will only affect Remote Access.  Meaning, the rules that you have set up will still function.

Through our Mob-Mob App. Controlling your network is not just limited to one device.  To know more on how you can control your network, click here.

Please check the original status of your Multi-way Switch first. For 1 Gang 3-Way and 2 Gang 3-Way Switch, we provide these two types of Multi-way Switch. Please find the table below and see the ways of adopting 3-way wiring Yoswit.

We understand that some customers may want to use 3 Gang 3-Way or 4 Gang 3-Way Switch, we developed a virtual 3-way method to help all of you.

The normal Yoswit Smart Light Switch is required for virtual 3-way wiring. Please read the wiring diagram below before installation.

Please notice that the distance between two Yoswit Smart Switches must be within the Bluetooth connection range (around 3-20m). The Neutral Wire or Power Stabilizer is recommended to adopt. You can find the setup for Virtul Multiway from Yoswit Application User Guide (User Guide 7.1.2).

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