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How to keep your home safe while you’re away
When taking a trip away from home, your excitement can sometimes be blighted by worries about the safety and security of your property. But, particularly with smart home technology becoming more common, there’s no need for you to feel anxious about your home while you’re away. Try these handy dos and don’ts for the next time you take a trip out of town. 

Set your lights
Smart home technologies have come a long way and these days they can go a long way to making sure your home is safe and secure, even when you’re not around. Our new light switches enable you to set timers for your lights, so they can give the impression of someone being home when the house is empty. If you’re going to be away from home, use the switch to set your lights to turn on for a brief period each night, deterring potential burglars. 

Automate your curtains
While our light switches enable you to control the lights, the Yoswit home hub controls a whole host of appliances, right down to your curtains. You can set them to be drawn at a certain time each night, and then open again in the morning. Just like switching on the lights, this can make it seem as if you’re in and put off anyone who might be scouring the neighborhood for homes to break into. 

Sort your mail
If you’re going away for a long period, make sure to cancel your subscription to any newspapers or magazines, and consider contacting your local postal service to hold your mail. A build up of unread newspapers and letters is a sure give away that, even if the lights are on, nobody’s home.  

Take to social media
Social media has done lots of great things for society, but it has also made it very easy for criminals to take advantage of unwitting users. While posting about your upcoming holiday, or sharing poolside snaps while you’re away might seem like a fun thing to do, it also lets the unscrupulous know that your house is empty. 

Leave valuables in sight
This might seem like an obvious one, but make sure you move anything that might be tempting to a home invader. Make sure your expensive technology, like computers and TVs, are well out of sight from windows and doors. And put any little valuables, like jewelry you aren’t taking with you in a safe or well hidden in a cupboard or drawer.

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