News - 2016042702 - Feather and pluck Nest?

German tech firm tado°, a smart home play focused on climate control, has announced that it copped nearly $23 million in its latest round of funding. This is in addition to the nearly $34 million raised previously.

tado° is focused on its primary Smart AC Control, a wall-mounted device that help turn remote-controlled air conditioning units into smart climate devices by linking them to a central control unit located inside the house that connects via the internet to your smartphone.

Using infrared technology, the same technology used in remote controls that come with portable air conditioners as well as window and in-wall units, tado°’s Smart AC Control is able to control multiple air conditioning units throughout your home.

It’s been a bit of a rocky time for smart home tech, with the bricking of Nest’s Revolv smart home hub. Consumers may be becoming leery about splashing out on new tech that may go dark before it pays off for them.

“We have had the benefit of seeing the hyperscale of Nest, and learning what has and hasn’t worked in their product line and marketing efforts — and clearly the Revolv hub was a failure, that not many other Smart Home innovators could afford to repeat,” tado° founder and CEO Christian Deilmann told ReadWrite. “At tado°,  we have a very clear product roadmap, and we’re committed to further evolving our product to satisfy this very large, underserved market.”

He added they’re reaching “millions of people around the world with remote-controlled heating and cooling units looking for a smart climate control option, which is not covered by Nest or comes at a cost significantly more than our products.”

How tado° works

What does this mean for users? It means that you can control your air conditioners from your smartphone wherever you might be, and you can set it up so that as you move from one room to another, the room’s climate control system activates ensuring that you use less electricity and have a comfortable space wherever you might be.

The Smart AC Control can also be set to turn you unit(s) on as you head back home from work. This feature set is remarkably similar to that of popular Nest thermostats, which are used to control central air conditioning units and has recently grown as a product line to connect a wide range of devices to the home network.

It is Wi-Fi enabled so it connects to the Internet through your home’s router, has Bluetooth capability which senses when you are home, contains humidity and temperature sensors, a capacitive touch surface for easy control, and an LED matrix which indicates which mode and status it is currently in.

This latest round of funding by tado° is intended to assist in its global expansion, especially into the US market. Recently, tado has added its products to Amazon, Best Buy, and Home Depot and partnered with AT&T in its Digital Life program.

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