News - 2016081201 - Chrome is nearly ready to talk to your Bluetooth devices

Don't look now, but your web browser is about to become aware of the devices around you. After months of testing, Google has switched onbroader experimental support in Chrome and Chrome OS for Web Bluetooth, which lets websites interact with your nearby Bluetooth gear. You could use a web interface to control your smart home devices, for instance, or send data directly from your heart rate monitor to a fitness coach.

At the moment, trying Web Bluetooth requires the stars to align in just the right way. You'll need a pre-release version of Chrome 53, and you'll naturally want to find (or create) a website that uses the tech in the first place. It'll take a while before the code is widely in use, we'd add -- Google doesn't expect website trials to wrap until January. Even so, this hints at a future where you don't always have to rely on native apps to interact with your Bluetooth gear.

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