News - 2016082601 - Dyson's latest smart fan heats, cools and purifies the air

Dyson has expanded its lineup with The Pure Hot+Cool Link, a very expensive WiFi enabled fan that combines all the features of the Dyson Pure Hot+ Cool fan and Pure Cool Link. It can thermostatically cool, heat and purify the air, and connect with your home network. You can then control everything using the smartphone app introduced with the Pure Cool Link model.

The device sucks air in through the bottom and can either heat it with an element or cool you down using the so-called air multiplier technology. On the way, a HEPA glass filter scrubs 99.95 percent of harmful particles, including formaldehyde, dust, dead skin and pollen.

A built-in thermostat keeps the air temperature constant, Dyson says, though it's not an air conditioner, so don't expect it to save you on a super-hot day. The included app lets you tweak settings like fan speed and temperature, or set up a timer that it shuts off at night. It can also monitor air quality, and let you specify how often you want it to scrub the air. The app will notify you when it's time to change the filter.

The Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link fan will be available in the UK on September 5th for £500 and the US on September 6th for a (cool) $600. That's $100 more than the Pure Cool Link model, but if you're spending $600 on a fancy fan, that probably won't phase you.

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