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Why Bluetooth?

"Bluetooth has become one of the best methods for connecting smart devices. Internet of Things standards like Zigbee and Z-Wave still have plenty of issues, and WiFi, while popular, draws too much power to be effective for managing several smart devices. Meanwhile, most devices support Bluetooth by this point, and it can also maintain connections without using too much battery life."

Devindra Hardawar
Devindra Hardawar Engadget - Senior Editor

How Does Yoswit Help?

As we have started our study and identified to use Bluetooth as the core technology for smart home solution since 2010 and launched the first Bluetooth smart wall switch in the market since 2012. It’s believed we are the first and leading company to integrate Bluetooth in various smart home products. The main reason for choosing Bluetooth in smart home products because it’s simple, stable and low power consumption. In addition, it’s the dominant player in many IoT products around you like music player, watch, thermometer, remote, anti-lost, etc. If you enjoyed your experience with these Bluetooth products, let’s forget about the complex setup and apply Bluetooth together for your smart home!

  • 2015 - HKEIA Award - Silver Award
  • 2015 - Hong Kong ICT Awards 2015 - Cert. of Merit
  • 2014 - Hong Kong IoT Awards - Silver Award

Solve Top Smart Home Issues to Improve Installation, Reliability, Compatibility and Usability

Easy DIY

Simple Install

Yoswt Wall Switches support both with or without neutral wire which can be installed by your hand with a screwdriver. No re-wiring or re-decoration work. You can be the smart home system installer.

Direct Remote

Direct Remote

Your wireless switch cannot connect with your hub again? With Yoswit, no hub or router is needed. Direct connect with your smart phone or device makes it easy to control and manage your smart home.

Full Featured

Full Featured

Yoswit is available in 3 socket types and supports wide a range of voltage. No matter you need the raw On/Off Switch or the gentle Dimmer Switch, there's a Yoswit product to fit your switching needs.

Any Time Any Where

Anytime, Anywhere

Do you concern about outdoor remote control? There is no such limitation of Yoswit smart home solution because we are not only work with Bluetooth gateways, but also our patented solution Mob-Mob.

Want More for Less? The Choice Is Clear.


Yoswit Smart Switch

INSTEON Dimmer Switch

GE Dimmer Switch

Leviton Incandescent Scene Capable Switch

LUTRON Caseta Wireless
2-Wire Support (Without Neutral Wire)
3-Wire Support (With Neutral Wire)
Central Hub Not Required Required Must have WiFi Router Required Not Required
Device Pairing Not Required Required Required Required Required
Device Price $54.90 $49.99 $49.99 $52.00 $91.26
Hub Price No Hub Required $149.99 No Hub Required 99.99 No Hub Required
Shipping Free Worldwide Conditional Free Shipping Conditional Free Shipping Free In US According to Reseller
Energy Consumption Low High Medium High Low
Technology Bluetooth Low Energy Dual Band WiFi ZigBee RF 434MHz
Voltage 100 - 240V 110 - 277V 120V 120V 120 - 277V
Maximum Current 2400W 1800W 1800W 960W 2200W
Socket Type 86 / 118 / 120 120 Only 120 Only 120 Only 120 Only
Color 22 Colors 7 Colors White Only 2 Colors 28 Colors
LED Indicator
At Home Control Direct Remote Through the Hub Through the Hub Through the Hub Direct Remote
Outside Home Control Through Mob-Mob Solution Through Cloud Service Through Cloud Service Through Cloud Service Not Support
Away Detection
Password Protection
On/Off Wall Switch
Dimmer Wall Switch
Multiway Wall Switch
Cooker Switch
Dimmer Module

Specialized in Smart Light Switches

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