Intelligent Home Experience

Remote Control

Remote Control#+

Direct remote control lightings and appliances from your smartphone, no hub or router is needed.


Schedule Timers

Provide multiple recurring timers to automate your home, these timers are saved in Yoswit.

Scene Mode

Rooms and Scenes

Set a room to control all devices together or set a scene to push the preset mode with a simple click.

Away Detection

Away Detection*

Sense your arrival and leaving and automate managing lightings, curtains, locks, and appliances.

Outside Home Remote Control

Mob-Mob Hub*

A patented solution to connect your smart home wherever you are, even without wifi connection.

Password Protection

Password Protection

Set a password to prevent unpermitted control, simplify the setup with profile sharing.

Voice Control

Voice Control

Sense your voice to control the devices and connect your device via bluetooth

Mesh Network

Mesh Network-

Yoswit uses its proprietary technology to build the mesh-like network.

If This Then That


IF This Then That is a web-based service to create chains of simple conditional statements.


* This function works only when the app is switched on. In addition, the performance may be subjected to many factors, including but not limited to server stability, Bluetooth chips and OS version. Yoswit will keep updating the mobile application in order to improve the performance and stability.
+ The connection speed and performance may be subjected to many factors, including but not limited to distance, Bluetooth chips and OS version.
# The product can be operated on smart phones in iOS 7.0 or Android 4.3 with Yoswit app installed. In addition, the smart phone must be in Bluetooth Smart Ready.
- The range of a Bluetooth connection is typically given as about 3-20m.
x The rating is for purely resistive load. The maximum load will be vary from different load type. For details, please refer to the specification in the user manual.

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