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Smart Hotel

With Yoswit Smart Hotel System, a 5-star stay is just a touch away. Guests can control the curtains, air conditioner, lights, A/V system and schedule wake-up scene, request valet service and more — from one smartphone. Compatible with properties in pre-construction and existing appliances, you can start anytime anywhere without disturbing your daily operation.


Perfect Welcome

When guests are still check in, the air-conditioner starts to work. So the room will adjust to the most comfortable temperature before guests step in.

As guests walk in the room, a “Welcome” scene is activated. The lights turn up, the curtains open, TV displays a welcome home greeting and music begins to play.


Door Access

Yoswit understands the management of keycard locks can be a real headache. With a built-in Bluetooth locking system, every guest can control their room doors with their own smartphones.

The locking system supports a welcome scene for guests. With a simple verification of accessed smartphone, lightings, television and air-conditioner are ready for your guests before they step into the room.

Door Access

Smart Butler

When your hotel is with numerous rooms, it is important to keep everything simple. Yoswit touch panel groups every hotel service and room settings into one tablet. Simply by swapping the panel, your guests can have an anytime control every device in the hotel room, as well as an easy booking of hotel facilities or restaurants

In addition, One-touch “Clean Up” scene makes it easy for your staff to manage the tidy up service.

Smart Bulter

Personalized Stay

Customized function provides a unique experience. Yoswit can automatically adjust room temperature according to different periods of the day and keep the room at guests most comfortable conditions.

Yoswit knows that people sometimes want to get into a room with cool air. So we provide the Mob-Mob service. Even when guests are outside the hotel, they can preset room temperature on the way back to the room.


Smart Shading

Yoswit motorizes the window shades of every hotel room. The Yoswit smart shading system automatically sets the window shades for your guests. They can just relax and sit back to the sofa. There will be no more noisy or disturbing sound, and your guests can enjoy a private and quiet space with comfort.

Guests can also preset a “Wake Up” scene. The shades will slowly rise to simulate a sunrise effect.

Smart Shading

One Touch Comfort

No matter watching a film, taking night read or sleep light. One-touch Scene button makes it easy for guests to customize lights setting to meet their emotion.

In addition, One-touch “Preset” scene makes it easy for guests to get into the hotel’s preset program. They can also set scenes by their personal preference. For example, playing their favorite music when they wake up.

One Touch Comfort

Full Range Support

App Integration & Development

App Integration & Development

Our specialized App Development Team provide functional and customized application for different platform. We provide free Yoswit App with Mobile As Hub fuction and Individual Account for every user. We can also integrated Yoswit with your Building / Service Management System.

Professional Install Service

Professional Install Service

We specialize in working on complex new construction and remodeling projects, so there’s no job too daunting – nor too small. Professionals complete with liability insurance, factory training and certification will help you install all appliance and electronics product provided by Yoswit. We can also arrange flexible, precise appointment base on your progress.

Comprehensive After Sales Service

After Sales Service

We provide a full set of after-sales service that are applicable to a majority of our customers’ system. Whenever you have doubts, our technical support team are ready to help you. You can also find a list of FAQ, User Manuals, Guides and Video tutorials to help you solve problems, or call us by Hotline or Online Support Serevice.

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