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  • YS223&YS225
  • YS223&YS225
  • YS223&YS225
  • YS223&YS225
  • YS223&YS225

Smart Blinds

Product Code: YS223&YS225

Switch Socket for Smart Blinds

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Yoswit Smart Switch

  • 55 / 86 / 118 / 120
  • Bluetooth

(ULTI Ezinstall3)

  • 55 / 86
  • RF


  • 1 Layer
  • 55 / 86 / 120
  • Zigbee / RF



Run Your Home from Your Phone

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Mobile As Hub
Voice Control
Voice Control
Mesh-like Network
Mesh-like Network
Remote Control
Remote Control
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Bluetooth Version

We use Bluetooth 4.2 (also sometimes referred to as Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE) as the core processor of our products.

Compatible Devices

We support all Smart Ready products with our application installed. Please Click Here to get the growing list.

IOS Support

We support IOS 7.0 or above versions. Also, we have separate applications with different resolution for iPhone and iPad.

Android Support

We support Android 4.3 or above versions. It's the first Android version with Bluetooth Smart support which has just been released on Aug 2013.

Product Name Yoswit Roller Motor
Model YO1008S
Manufacturer Designed by Yoswit in Hong Kong. Assembled in China.
Motor Technical Data
Rated Torque (N.m.) 6 (230V) / 6 (120V)
Tube Diameter (mm) 35 (230V) / 35 (120V)
Rated Power (w) 121 (230V) / 102 (120V)
Rated Current (A) 0.53 (230V) / 0.85 (120V)
Running Time (min) 4 (230V) / 4 (120V)
Degree of Protection (IP) 44 (230V) / 44 (120V)
Maximum Turns (Turns) 30 (230V) / 30 (120V)
Rated Speed (rpm) 28 (230V) / 33 (120V)
Rated Frequency (Hz) 50 (230V) / 60 (120V)
Product Certificate TÜV, GS, CCC, CE, RoHS (230V) / UL, RoHS (120V)
Surface Materials V0 flame-resistant PC+ABS
Storage Conditions -20°C to 70°C
Operating Environment Indoors
Operating Temperature Range -10°C to 50°C
Operating Humidity Range 0-90% relative humidity, non-condensing
Input Voltage AC100-240V
Frequency 50/60Hz auto detected at power-up
Resistive Load Current Max 20A
Standby Power <0.3 watt
Wiring Options Wiring details available on the Installation page
Product Compatibility Bluetooth Smart Ready products
Frequency 2.4GHz
Radio Transmission Power 0~4 dBm
Bluetooth Range Open area: >50m
Bluetooth Version Bluetooth 4.2



Disconnect Power

To prevent severe shock or electrocution, always disconnect the power at the service panel before installation. Only licensed electricians should carry out the installation.

Basic Installation


Insert one end of your blinds into the gap of the roller tube. You may attach a cardboard stick to the blinds to make the insertion easy. Carefully fit the blinds into the roller tube. Fit the crown and roller motor into both ends of the roller tube.



Insert the motorized roller into the recess of roller holder with pins to fasten the roller in a fixed position. Each side requires one pin.



Search for a proper position to install the roller. Mount one wall mount on a flat surface with screws.


Position the wall mount so that the motorized roller hangs straight. Always install the roller horizontally on a flat surface, i.e. wall or ceiling.



Fit another wall mount into the other end of the flat surface with screws.


In order to insert the assembled roller smoothly, measure a proper distance between two wall mounts. In addition, to ensure the fabric rolls down evenly, both brackets must be level.

The bearing capacity of the sum of screws must be at least 300kg.


The bearing capacity of the sum of screws must be at least 300kg.


Mount the assembled roller to the assembled wall mount.



Disconnect the power supply of your switch. If you are installing Yoswit roller switch, please refer to the user manual of Yoswit curtain/roller switch.


To prevent severe shock orelectrocution, always disconnect the power at the service panel before installation. Only licensed electricians should carry out the installation.


Connect the live, neutral and ground wires of motorized roller to your switch.


To reduce risk of electrical shock, unit shall be properly grounded in accordance with local regulations or codes. Failure to connect the ground wire will result in an unsafe installation that could lead to personal injury.

Circuit Installation A


Circuit Installation B



Turn on the circuit breaker and connect to the power.


Test the motorized roller by tapping your switch for several times.

Adjusting the Upper or Lower Limit


Keep pressing the switch to pull open/shut the roller.


Use the special limit regulator to adjust the “+” rotation by:

For upper limit: remove_old_switch
For lower limit: remove_old_switch

Installation complete.

Download the Yoswit App to your smart device and enjoy it now!

Yoswit will automatically detect the switch and add to your device list.

Certification EMC LVD
User Manual Motor 55 roller 86 roller 118 roller 120 roller
Data Sheet Download
Leaflet Smart Curtain Full Catalogue Catalogue (ZH)
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Yoswit App (Android Apk) Download

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