• YO680-D12010-TD
  • YO680-D12010-TD
  • YO680-D12010-TD
  • YO680-D12010-TD
  • YO680-D12010-TD
  • YO680-D12010-TD

CV Triac Dimmable LED Driver

Product Code: YO680-D12010-TD

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Freedom to Change a Scene and Intimate Atmosphere In A Dining Room

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Perfect Match Dimmers and Lighting System

Yoswit Dimmable LED Driver not only match with many dimmers from euro, but also match dimmers from Australia, Such as Lutron, Levition, Schneider, and other lighting system perfectly.

Outstanding Quality and Protection

Yoswit Dimmable LED Driver offers outstanding quality and performance that ensures reliable operation of your LED module. The additional humidity protection and increased peak input voltage compatibility make the product more robust for applications in adverse surroundings.

Apply all Yoswit Dimmer Switch

Yoswit Dimmable LED Driver could match all Yoswit dimmer switch. After installing smart switch with dimmer driver, You can download our app and control Yoswit switches with your smart phones via Bluetooth.

Additional Humidity Protection

Include humidity protection

Free Room and Scene Settings

Set a room to control all devices together or set a scene to push the preset mode with a simple click.

2-year Limited Warranty

Our 2-Year warranty prove our confidence.
Dimming Driver
Dimming Driver App

Run Your Home from Your Phone

With the free Yoswit app, you can control your smart devices with a simple tap, and automate your home to respond to your unique preferences.

You can easily customize Yoswit to operate in new and different ways by using the App. Just set scenes for what you’d like your smart devices to do when you’re asleep, awake, gone, or back home, and Yoswit will do the rest.

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Intelligent Home Experience

Remote Control

Remote Control

Direct remote control lightings and appliances from your smartphone, no hub or router is needed.


Schedule Timers

Provide multiple recurring timers to automate your home, these timers are saved in Yoswit.

Scene Mode

Rooms and Scenes

Set a room to control all devices together or set a scene to push the preset mode with a simple click.

Away Detection

Away Detection

Sense your arrival and leaving and automate managing lightings, curtains, locks, and appliances.

Outside Home Remote Control

Mob-Mob Hub

A patented solution to connect your smart home wherever you are, even without wifi connection.

Password Protection

Password Protection

Set a password to prevent unpermitted control, simplify the setup with profile sharing.

Product Name Yoswit Triac Dimmable Constant Voltage Driver
Model YO680-D12010-TD
Revision V1
Compliance CE, SAA, RoHS
Manufacturer Designed by Yoswit in Hong Kong. Assembled in China.
Product Size

Front and Back View

Side View

Surface Materials V0 flame-resistant PC+ABS
Storage Conditions -20°C to 60°C
Operating Environment Indoors
Operating Temperature Range -10°C to 50°C
Operating Humidity Range 0-90% relative humidity, non-condensing
Input/ Output
Dimmable LED Driver Model
Power Model Input
10W YO680-D12010-TDL 100-130 VAC
10W YO680-D24010-TDL 100-130 VAC
20W YO680-D12020-TD 180-240 VAC
20W YO680-D24020-TD 180-240 VAC
30W YO680-D12030-TD 180-240 VAC
30W YO680-D24030-TD 180-240 VAC
30W YO680-D12030-TDL 100-130 VAC
30W YO680-D24030-TDL 100-130 VAC
36W YO680-D12036-TD 180-240 VAC
36W YO680-D24036-TD 180-240 VAC
45W YO680-D12045-TDL 100-130 VAC
45W YO680-D24045-TDL 100-130 VAC
60W YO680-D12060-TD 180-240 VAC
60W YO680-D24060-TD 180-240 VAC



Disconnect Power

Check the label and ensure the transformer has the proper input voltage and wattage for the job. Check the wire markings to ensure they match the wiring diagram on this installation guide.

Basic Installation


Select a suitable location capable of supporting the weight of the transformer. Use the two keyholes in the transformer case. It is recommended that the transformer be mounting vertically with the wiring compartment pointing down.


Remove the wiring compartment knockouts and install strain reliefs. With power turned 0, route the input wires through a strain relief and connect L wire to red and N wire to blue. for all wire connections use only UL listed wire nuts and connectors of suitable size and type. The transformer case MUST be grounded in accordance with the N.E.C. Connect the ground wire to the transformer red wire.



To reduce risk of electrical shock, unit shall be properly grounded in accordance with local regulations or codes. Failure to connect the ground wire will result in an unsafe installation that could lead to personal injury.



Bring the wires of the light xture through the other open knockout and connect them to the transformer wires - positive to the red wire ( + ) and negative to blue wire ( - ).

Installation complete.

Download the Yoswit App to your smat device and enjoy it now!

Yoswit will automatically detect the switch and add to your device list.

Certification CE LVD
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