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Smart Wall Switch - Socket 118 - 1 Gang

Product Code: BG813

Color: Socket 118 - 1 Gang Smart Light Switch

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It's the world's first Bluetooth Wall Switch which compatibles with both IOS and Android. You can through this device to remote control lighting, fans, doors, heater and more at your SmartPhone!
Bluetooth 4.0

Bluetooth Version

We use Bluetooth 4.0 (also sometimes referred to as Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE) as the core processor of our products.
Smart Ready

Compatible Devices

We support all Smart Ready products with our application installed. Please Click Here to get the growing list.
IOS 7.0+

IOS Support

We support IOS 7.0 or above versions. Also, we have separate applications with different resolution for iPhone and iPad.
Android 4.3+

Android Support

We support Android 4.3 or above versions. It's the first Android version with Bluetooth Smart support which has just been released on Aug 2013.


Based on our test in open area, the practical range is over 50 m. Normally, you can turn on / off your device in living room while on your own bed.
Response Time

Response Time

The response time of Bluetooth connection is 20 ms. This means, after you click the button on your smart phone, the device will response nearly immediately.


The frequency range is 2.4 GHz. The 2.4 GHz band is available worldwide and the regulations are mostly compatible between the different authorities.

Standby Current

The standby current of the Bluetooth module is 0.4 uA. It's extremely low power requirements which a button cell can operate for "months or years".
Status Tracking

Status Tracking

Our App is available to track your device's status at real time. If someone else updates the device status, it will reflect also on your phone.
No. of Devices

Max No. of Devices

There is no limitation on the no. of devices to be added on your smart phone. Our App allows you to group the devices and control all at one click.

Timer Function

All our Bluetooth products contains timer function. You can specify a time to turn on / turn off the devices automatically.


It's optional for user to setup a password for pairing your device. No unauthorized users can control your device without a password.
Product Name Bluetooth Wall Switch
Model BG813
Compliance CE, CB (WIP)
Manufacturer Designed by Bluegic in Hong Kong. Assembled in China.
Surface Materials V0 flame-resistant PC+ABS
Socket Type Socket 118
Storage Conditions -20°C to 60°C
Operating Environment Indoors
Operating Temperature Range -10°C to 40°C
Ingress Protection (IP) 20
Operating Humidity Range 0-90% relative humidity, non-condensing
Input Voltage 110V / 60Hz or 220V / 50Hz
Frequency 50/60Hz auto detected at power-up
Resistive Load Current Max. 10A
Inductive Load Current Max. 5A
Minimum Load Power 5 watt (*for 2-wire [without neutral wire] installation only)
Standby Power <0.1 watt
Wiring Options Wiring details available on the Installation page
Product Compatibility Bluetooth Smart Ready products
Frequency 2.4GHz
Radio Transmission Power 0~5 dBm
Bluetooth Range Open area: >50m; indoor: 10-20m
Bluetooth Version Bluetooth 4.0
Weight 188 g

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